Comfort Taxi da Silva - Services

Limousine Service

The limousine service is our most versatile offer, it can virtually fulfill any need. A limousine may be booked for hours or even days always available to take you where you need to be.

Booking a limousine translates into a memorable experience, sight seeing, night trip, point-to-point visit, long distance drive are popular choices amongst our clients.

It is also a great choice for business travels, don't worry about getting late to a business meeting or visit. For many companies time is money, don't waste your time, let us do the driving so you can make the business.

Taxi Service

An on-demand service always available 24/7 ready to take you anywhere, anytime. Don't make compromises, travel on our high-end vehicles equipped for comfort, safety and entertainment.

Airport Transfer

Save time and energy, trust us for your transfer, we will be there for you. We always keep an eye for travel schedules, let us do the waiting.

When you arrive we will be there to help with your luggage, just relax and enjoy our comfortable vehicles, it will be a first class experience.

Wedding Services

Be happy it's your day! Our team of professionals will work with you to make the event memorable as it should be.

We can promise that you will arrive in style, Comfort Taxi da Silva offers you a wide choice of luxurious vehicles.

Shuttle Service

Sometimes you just need to get you clients from point A to point B, why not provide them with a high quality shuttle service? Comfort Taxi da Silva can provide it!

Our vehicles and drivers may be booked any time necessary, don't let your clients or guests waiting for the ride, contact us for premium quality shuttle service.

Private Driver

If you are only missing the driver Comfort Taxi da Silva can also help. You can hire one of our professionals as your private driver which will be available assist in your private or personal travels.

Discrete, polite, stylish, skillful and professional is how we describe our drivers. An unparalleled knowledge of the roads ensures they will always perform an excel service.

Tours, Events, Cities, Attractions

We can also help you plan your itinerary so you enjoy the most of your stay. Save your time and get in touch with us, take advantage of our experience and knowledge to make you visit unforgettable.